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The new adventures of Buddy the old Golden

Toys are a must no matter how many legs

The new adventures of Buddy the old Golden

About Buddy the old Golden

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Buddy has had many adventures in his life. When he was just a cute little ball of fur he was given to an elderly lady in a wheel chair.  She thought he was adorable. But then she was told he would probably get to be 100 pounds and she realized she couldn’t possibly handle a 100 pound dog.

We don’t know how she found the man she gave him to next. But he loved Buddy too. He was a construction worker and had two other dogs, a little black Chowchow mix and an old yellow shepherd. He moved to our street and his dogs would bark across the street at our dog. He played with Buddy with a big softball and a knotted towel pull toy and wrestled with Buddy. But construction work is never very certain and the jobs in our area dried up. He couldn’t find work and moved in with friends.

But he didn’t take his dogs with him. He told people he’d come and get them; but he didn’t. It was the middle of winter and Buddy, Stubby, and Cody were very cold and very hungry. We found out that they had been left two weeks later. Someone had been feeding them but they couldn’t stay there alone in the house. Buddy was just one and a half; Stubby was a bit over 3 and Cody was 15.

We tried to find them homes, we tried Golden Rescue and Chow Rescue but no one would take them. So we kept them. They fit into our family very well.  Cody lived for three more years and then went on to his next life. While he lived he was the boss of the dogs even though he could barely wobble around the yard.

Buddy was rowdy and rambunctious and I had to teach him not to jump because he could knock me down and hurt me. I taught him to sit and stay and lie down using dog treats. He would do “sit” very well, and “down” but the “stay” thing he has never been able to hold longer than 5 seconds! He’s 10 now and still rowdy and rambunctious.

Now he’s starting a new adventure of living with three legs. I think he’ll adjust to this like he has everything – with a big Golden boy grin on his face.

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