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The new adventures of Buddy the old Golden

Toys are a must no matter how many legs

The new adventures of Buddy the old Golden

Buddy having a good time

September 2nd, 2014 · 4 Comments · Uncategorized

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Dear Friends, I’ve been taking photos and videos of Buddy and the kids at the park but I’ve not had time to put them up here for you all. My work hours are really eating up my time. So it’s been some time since I’ve let you know how Buddy is doing.

Two weekends ago Buddy got back in the lake at the dog park again for the first time after becoming a Tripawd. It was a very hot day and when I asked Buddy if he wanted to go in the lake he jumped up and ran to the gate going to the lake! He was so happy to be back in the water. He even tried to swim a little bit.

Buddy in the car

Buddy is very pleased with himself for letting himself into the car!

Buddy has been running to meet Dennis each day when he comes home. And this past week  when Dennis threw a ball for him Buddy went running off after it, hunted around and found it and whirled around and came running back without loosing his footing. So Dennis threw the ball again and Buddy ran after it and brought it back again.

Buddy and Callie sniffing

Buddie and Callie doing important doggie business sniffing out new stuff at the park

Then this past weekend when I was getting the dogs ready to get in the car to go to the park I let Buddy run to the car. Without waiting for me to help him get in, he just jumped in on his own. And when we got to the park he had a wonderful time swimming in the lake. I will try to put together another video of Buddy and the other pups at the dog park. So you can all see how well he is doing and how happy he is.





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4 Comments so far ↓

  • benny55

    Can’t stop smiling over here…huge, huge grin!!!

    I just love these pictures of Buddy….and C allie too!! Such hap p iness and joy!

    Hearing that Buddy is enjoying “being Buddy” just warms my heart!!!

    Wonderful update! Thank you so much for letting us know how fully he is enjoying his life!

    I know you are so proud of your boy! GOOD JOB EVERYBODY!!!

    Hugs and love!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!

  • maximutt

    Buddy you look great!! I hope you had a wonderful time at the lake!

  • mardi

    thanks benny and maximutt. Maybe by next weekend I’ll have a video or two to post. Buddy is really so much back to his old self. Enjoying being a big Golden boy 🙂

  • jerry

    Awwww! What a pawfect update. I’m hoping you guys got to have more fun this weekend, can’t wait to see the vids. Buddy is such a love!

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